West Central Coast District Hoop Shoot

1 Drew ArdouinOnce again, the WCCD had an exciting Hoop Shoot.

The 2015/2016 District contest was held at the Page Youth Center in Santa Barbara on January 17, 2016, with Santa Barbara Lodge # 613 hosting for the 9th consecutive year. For the first time ever, the WCCD had 2 California-Hawaii Association champions, and 1 of these champions is advancing to the National Hoop Shoot in Chicago!


There were 9 out 12 Lodges that participated in the Hoop Shoot. The Lodges sent 27 participants to the District contest (13 girls and 14 boys). There were an additional 16 children who were no-shows.


2 Carly LetendreThe WCCD champions are:

  • 8-9 Girl: Carly Letendre (Santa Barbara Lodge)
  •        Boy: Elias Gibbings (Santa Maria Lodge)
  • 10-11 Girl: Jaylee Cantu (Santa Maria Lodge)
  •            Boy: Jakob Garcia (Santa Maria Lodge)
  • 12-13 Girl: Macy Nitzel (San Luis Obispo Lodge)
  •            Boy: Drew Ardouin (Santa Maria Lodge)

All of the champions were invited to compete at the Southern California State semi-final contest on El Segundo on January 30, 2016. The WCCD had 5 children place in the semi-finals, including 2 first place winners.   What a showing by the WCCD!

  • 8-9 Girl: Carly Letendre (Santa Barbara Lodge) -1st place
  • 10-11 Girl: Jaylee Cantu (Santa Maria Lodge)- 3rd place
  • 10-11 Boy: Jakob Garcia (Santa Maria Lodge)-3rd place
  • 12-13 Girl: Macy Nitzel (San Luis Obispo Lodge)-3rd place
  • 12-13 Boy: Drew Ardouin (Santa Maria Lodge)-1st place

The Northern California State semi-finals were conducted one week later, which determined the California-Hawaii champions, and of course, the WCCD had two State winners. Both Carly Letendre and Drew Ardouin were invited to participate in the National Elks Region 7 Hoop Shoot Finals, held in Las Vegas on February 7, 2016. There, they competed against State champions from Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.   Carly Letendre had a fantastic day, and took 2nd place. Drew Ardouin had an even more fantastic day, and took 1st place. Drew will be competing at the National Hoop Shoot finals in Chicago on April 16, 2016.

Good luck and best “swishes” to Drew!

Thank you, District Chairman David Bianchi for your work and dedication, which ensured the WCCD had a very successful Hoop Shoot!

Dist.#33 Dist.#24 Dist.#12

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