The Passing of Bill Jansen, PER

bill jansenOceano/Five Cities Elks Lodge is saddened to announce that we have lost another wonderful brother – PER Bill Jansen.

Bill was a Past Exalted Ruler of Oceano/Five Cities Elks Lodge (1982-83) and a 58 year member of the Elks. He served on numerous committees lending his expertise and support whenever needed taking note that he even served as editor of the Clam Tide until weeks before his passing. His dedication to the Elks continues to shine through as he passed his love for the organization down to his family who continues to serve and support the causes promoted by the BPOE.

William “Bill” Jansen passed on January 29, 2016, at his home in Arroyo Grande. He was a wonderful loving Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, Veteran, Boy Scout Leader, and Little League Coach.

As an editor of our website I look to find more than the “facts” when one of our own has passed and I discovered this public post on Facebook. This speaks volumes to the care, love and dedication he shared with his family and everyone who had the honor to have known him.

“Mr. Handsome Bill Jansen passed on to the other side yesterday….but what he passed on in this life was so much. He passed on devotion to his wife, Doyle Jansen, for over 60 years. He passed on to his family love. He passed on kindness & integrity to his daughters, Mari Black, Kristi Jansen Dupler & Becky Silva. He passed on hardwork, respect & loyalty to his sons, Roger Jansen, Dennis Jansen & Patrick A. Jansen. He passed on gentleness to his grandchildren & great grandchildren. To me he passed on a wonderful husband.” M. Jansen

To our absent brother – Rest In Peace dear friend.

Be still and listen one and all, cease your gaiety and mirth.
Eleven strokes are tolling to Elks throughout the earth
Their music softly pealing their message far and near
Like the throbbing heart of Elkdom they speak justice and good cheer.
For an Elk is never forgotten wherever they may roam
What’er their lot in life may be, eleven brings them home.
The sunshine finds them busy the evening holds no time
But the eleventh hour is sacred for the sake of Auld Lang Syne.
And for those whose race is ended their course run true and well.
Those eleven strokes are chanting sweet memories saddened knell.
So cease your mirth and laughter it is the hour so dear yet dread
When we toast our absent members the living and the dead.

Bill Jansen Officer Coprs


The Passing of Bill Jansen, PER — 2 Comments

  1. Bill Jensen was a true Elk. He exemplified the true meaning of Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love and Fidelity! As all of his family can attribute to, he was somebody to look up to, and as big a man as he was, he never looked down on anyone. He was fair. He was firm. He was funny. And most importantly, he was friendly to everyone. All Elks, heck all people, should aspire to be at least half of the Man Bill was! Rest in Peace my Brother

  2. Thank you for the wonderful tribute to my Dad, Bill Jansen. Our lodge did a great job with his Memorial Service It was comforting to know how many people loved my Dad. He showed us what true love is and what it means to be a family. He was and always will be my Hero.
    Thank you

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